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Don’t Call Me Sir! is based on true events. In 1959, at the New York State YMCA Judo Championships, Rusty Glickman beat the reigning State Champion – but Rusty was a single mother and the reigning champion was a man and Rusty was made to return the medal when she admitted that she was a woman.

Don’t Call Me Sir! is about an amazing woman who will be portrayed in the movie by another amazing woman, Kayla Harrison, the 2012 Olympic gold medalist in judo, the first American, male or female, to be Olympic Judo Champion!

Though she never looked at herself as an individual standing up for women’s rights, Rusty was a true trailblazer. It is thanks to Rusty that women’s judo is a competitive sport and an Olympic event. She is the only foreigner to receive Japan’s The Emperor’s Order of The Rising Sun and has been honored by women’s organizations around the world, including Billie Jean King’s Women’s Sports Foundation.

We need your support to make this movie because Hollywood would prefer that a name actress portrays Rusty and that stunt people do the judo scenes.

The more money we receive from you, the less control will Hollywood have.

Kayla is a great choice for this movie – and she will be great as Rusty!

Rusty and Kayla have been an inspiration to many and the movie Don’t Call Me Sir! will be an inspiration to hundreds of millions of people around the world who deserve to experience what America has to offer.

Your contributions are needed for this movie – and we appreciate your support and having you on our team! As a token of our appreciation, you can choose from many perks on this official donation website.

And time is of the essence! We have to have Don’t Call Me Sir! financed within the next two months so that we can make the movie before Kayla resumes her training for the Olympics in Rio.

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Bo Svenson

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