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Don’t Call Me Sir! is based on true events. In 1959, at the New York State YMCA Judo Championships, Rusty Glickman beat the reigning State Champion – but Rusty was a single mother and the reigning champion was a man and Rusty was made to return the medal when she admitted that she was a woman.

Though she never looked at herself as an individual standing up for women’s rights, Rusty was a true trailblazer. It is thanks to Rusty that women’s judo is a competitive sport and an Olympic event. She is the only foreigner to receive Japan’s The Emperor’s Order of The Rising Sun and has been honored by women’s organizations around the world, including Billie Jean King’s Women’s Sports Foundation.

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Rusty has been an inspiration to many and the movie Don’t Call Me Sir! will be an inspiration to hundreds of millions of people around the world who deserve to experience what America has to offer.

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Bo Svenson

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LA Screenplay Contest

Don’t Call Me Sir! Won 1st place in the DRAMA category. Let’s keep the momentum up. Here is a full list of the results.

Congratulations to the 2015 Los Angeles Screenplay Contest Winners and Official Finalists.


Searching for Asia written by Gary Riester


1st place – Hunter written by Robert S. Apetagon
2nd place – Mythos written by Darrin Grimwood
3rd place – Lost Cause written by David J. Schroeder

Official Finalist
The Adventures of Wonder Rabbit written by Robert S. Apetagon
Outlawz written by Zaire Baptiste
Masochist written by Dena Pech
The Devil’s Gun written by James Christopher
Generation Hero (a) written by Robert R Pitts


1st place – Homeschooled written by Carly-Ann Giene
2nd place – Sorry, I Didn’t Mean To Kill You written by Chris J Simpson, S McGuinn
3rd place – The Charlottetown Jackhammer Imbroglio written by Marc Lalonde

Official Finalist
Quiet on the Set written by Laura P. Valtorta
The Blonde Bitch on The Mountain written by Nattalia Lea
Through a Glass Ceiling, Darkly written by Richard Geiwitz
Wham, Bam, Merci, Ma’am written by David Minaskanian
Spin the Geek written by Dan Reheuser


1st place – Don’t Call Me Sir! written by Bo Svenson
2nd place – La Tierra Que Yo Amo (Land That I Love) written by Jonathan LaPoma, Natalia Porras Sivolobova
3rd place – Steppin Out! written by Steve Bensinger

Official Finalist
The Way Back Home written by Jonathan LaPoma
The Mary Jane Girls written by Heidi Kozak
Operation No Moore written by Michael Esser
Making Choices written by Ken Ross
Peony Pavilion written by Yao Lu


1st place – The Brave Tin Solider written by Colin Downey
2nd place – Robo4ce written by Jeffrey Howe
3rd place – The Givers written by Gregory P. Wolk

Official Finalist
Silent Rescue written by Todd Sorrell
Unfatally Dead: To Thaw or not to Thaw? written by Wayne Edmiston
Blue River written by Spencer Pool
The Minstrel written by Todd Sorrell
The Alien’s Puppets written by Rubens Marinelli, Matheus Hruschka


1st place – Grace written by Lynda Lemberg & Jeffrey Allen Russel
2nd place – The Baltimore Greys written by Richard Geiwitz
3rd place – The Story of A Simple Man written by Mark Tachovsky

Official Finalist
Samson written by Shawn Hoffman
Letters from Thurgood written by Robert F. Redmond, Jr
Clash Of Iron written by Richard Reed
Helga written by Andreas Lindergard
The Pressure Cooker written by Gregory P. Wolk


1st place – Sardis the Merciful written by Christian Thomas
2nd place – In The Bodie Mist written by Curtis Lofgren
3rd place -Hibernation written by Mike Briock

Official Finalist
Dead Bloodline written by Gregory P. Wolk
INKed written by David Schreiber
A Terrorist from Hamburg written by Andrea Calabrese
Hell’s Playground written by Gregory P. Wolk


1st place – Worm Head written by Jonathan Crow
2nd place – Wet written by Lewayne L. White, Steven Hakeman
3rd place – The Phoenix Alliance written by Michael Rich

Official Finalist
SE3D written by Joshua A. Cohen
Hell on Neptune written by Robert J. Rogers
Tribrid written by P. Harris Seeley
Parousia written by Todd Sorrell


1st place – Alaska written by Racheal Cain Stephens
2nd place – The Dilemma written by Steven Canfield Crowley
3rd place – The Blade written by Dempsey Tillman

Official Finalist
Drowning City written by Chuck Griffith
System-Upgrade written by Chris Rossen
The Credit Bureau written by Jay Stamatis
The Lost Tide written by David Tenenbaum
White Calm written by Sid Bodalia


1st place – Family Guy: What The Phuc?! written by Dave Chan
2nd place – Seven Kings written by Michael Esser
3rd place – Coldwater written by Craig Berger

Official Finalist
Marginalized written by Tracey Maye
Waterloo TV Pilot written by Chuck Griffith
Mom-Mate written by Jessica Lamour
Leaving the Nest written by Jakob Creighton
Family Guy: oHarmony is No Harmony written by Dan Janis


1st place – Fatality written by Alexandre Rossi
2nd place – Writer’s Duel written by Ellery Vendooyeweert & Craig George
3rd place – The Violin written by J.L. Shenstone

Official Finalist
Amber’s Shadow written by Cara Bamford
The Last Hour written by Philip Giancola, Carol Kim
Perp written by Pamela Segger
For Good Behavior written by Ron Riekki
A Tell-Tale Heart written by Stephen M. Hunt

Honorable Mentions
The Railroad Lady written by Timo von Gunten
Captain Hero Vol. I written by Rumman Zia
Call Death for Help written by Hamid Reza Mohseni
Civil Rising written by Kimberly Tompkins
The 1% written by Patrick Hampton
Balloon written by Coburn Tuller
Derek Dickens & The Dream written by Phil Valentine
Massacre at Pilrims’ Pass written by Thomas M. Lister. Ed.D.
Murder Ballad written by Maxwell Thomas
Seriah’s Legacy written by Julie M Kaufmann